First Post.

My name is Lauren, I’ve been an actual legal adult for a decade now. If that’s how you measure.

LPL Post 1

If you measure from the first time I shopped insurance prices for not just lowest cost, but deductible and coverage, I’ve been an adult for about 5 years.

If you’re going by the last time I used pipe cleaners and construction paper, I’ve now been an adult for several weeks.

From the last time I had a temper tantrum about having to have and keep job that pays bills, I’ve been an adult for exactly 4 days.

If we agree I’ve been an adult since the last time I fantasized about being outed as a long lost Queen and foisted into a front facing policy role in some teensy hamlet to rule in peace and clothing allowances till I croak without soliciting cash from elderly white perverts to fund a strenuous and ever lengthening campaign season…

I’ve been an adult for 3 minutes.

Hang on…


No minutes.

Getting it all “together” is hard. And overrated.

I like words, pictures, politics, theology, science, animals, and my husband, Jon. You may remember that I once posted a cartoon of his butt on the internet. I’m deeply antisocial, occasionally funny, and tirelessly protect a heart as soft as the binge-shopped buttery leather purses and shoes that I tend to purchase when it’s broken. I have a ridiculous day job literally talking to angry people on the phone for 8 hours a day; because there are these things called bills? (That job will put the salesgirl at the Kate Spade Outlet store through college. I swear.)

I have no Idea how to close this. Too much pressure. Ummmm……Bye. Till Next time?

Yes. That crown is made of construction paper and pipe cleaners. So now if that’s how you were measuring… no minutes again.


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