Palin Endorses Deflating Whoopie Cushion

The matriarch of the Kristian Kardashians jetted directly from bailing son Track out of domestic violence charges to a Trump rally; abusing common sense and tact to endorse a common schoolyard bully. WILL THE CYCLE OF VIOLENCE NEVER END!?!? Someone who quit the Gubernatorial Office to pursue a reality TV career endorses someone treating a Presidential race like a bid for Neilsen ratings. It’s like a Presidential ticket from a dystopian writing assignment penned by a basic white girl on threat of missing prom; where the protagonist is a clowndroid with a deflating whoopee cushion for a face programmed to translate Mein Kampf into “gullible idiot”.



Running on his “business” track record of bankrupting companies and loans from Daddy; Trump is calling on a supposed “silent majority” of “not racists” who think America is a piece of crap, mostly because we let brown people live, work, and pray here.  If you have a problem with that, you’re “PC Police”: apparently a fourth group behind Hispanics, Muslims, and Women-Who-Wouldn’t-Screw-Trump that The Donald would like to systematically eradicate. His supporters in Iowa were interviewed this week about what they feel is their constitutional right to say offensive things without anyone being butthurt about it and it did not make me curse the NPR station so hard people in other cars assumed I was singing embarrassingly loudly at allllllllll…….


Here’s the thing about the First Amendment though, Trumpledites: it protects both your right to say whatever AND my right to respond. If your claiming both the right to Free speech and freedom from the consequences of that Speech, you’re saying you have the right to put people down but they don’t have the right to stand up for themselves. You don’t get to slander an entire social group and then dictate that First Amendment rights stop at the end of your own douchecanoery. Payback’s a B but you broke up with that ho over text, so deal. That’s how being a grownup works, we don’t get rights to “no consequences”. So these two petulant children can just pull up their soggy diapers and step to the kiddie table while the grown ups talk.




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