I Wanted Better for This Post.

Last week I was too busy trying to decide what to wear to the Opera to post twice. Omaha has a top notch Opera (for real, Grammy-winning soprano Jennifer Rivera SLAYED as young Nero and it changed my life). It’s just really hard to dress for because there will be people there in formal dress, and there will be people there in camouflage. This time an usher had to ask a man to remove his cowboy hat. Finding a “look” that straddles that line, looks “valentine-y” and was suitable for zero degree temperatures was a challenge. I spent most of the week with my face burrowed in Modcloth reviews.

I have 2 great topics in current event to post on. Justice Scalia passed away and people were stupid. Other people were stupid and Taylor Swift beat one of my favorite bands for Album of the Year. I have strong opinions on these things.

But life happens, and sweet Otto, our old scraggly beast of a cat, is trying to burn some of the few lives he has left. We’re not even sure whats wrong yet, but he’s dropped more than 10% of  his body weight and is very weak. He needs a lot of care and prayers and vibes and well wishes. He’s only taking food or water hand delivered to his pillow, which given his every day diva-ness may be less out of need and more out of he can get away with this now. If we can’t get him better with meds, food, and water in the next few days, it’s likely serious and irreversible organ damage that is common in tough guys like Otto who’ve had serious injuries in the past.

His little buddy “Gryf” is sweet to him, but the sympathy ends at the food bowl. He’s relentless about stealing the food we’re trying to tempt Otto with and jealous of the attention, so he’s “redecorating” for attention. He knows how to remove pictures from the walls. He is a jerk.


With all that going on, I don’t have the emotional energy to float what may be a controversial take on Taylor Swift and race at the Grammys and deal with the fallout. My sense of humor is a little out of balance, so my Scalia piece teetered from wickedly irreverent and downright mean, to too reverent. You might have actually thought I would prefer he were still on the bench. I do not.

Please bear with me as I balance taking care of sick Otto, my day job, and this site.




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