Happy Manatee Day


I just realized that I spelled “Manatee” with an “i” both in the doodle and every social media post.


Because I’m working on a children’s book about weird water critters that I started after writing that thing about fish farts, and not being able to spell the name of the cutest* member of the Trichechidae family is not an excellent early sign of success.

*If manatees aren’t cute, well then neither am I because we kind of look alike. They’re basically the “me” of deceptively seductive grey aqua dwellers.



3 thoughts on “Happy Manatee Day

  1. I can see it. You look like a totally adorable manatee. That WTWTA tat makes me lub you. I had that on the door of my kid’s bedroom when he was growing up. He still displays it in his house. Happy Manatee Day!


    • Thank you! I’m not sure that pic shows he’s swinging from “The Giving Tree”. I’m collecting children’s book tattoos, it protects me from settling for a life of boring day jobs.


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