4/20 Means Nothing To Me


I’m a square. I have never seen a real live bong, but feel like I could recognize one in the wild based in descriptions from books. I did once get a contact high, picking up a couple of wake-and-bakers for class. I dropped them off and went home for the day to look, I mean really look, at my hands; positive I’d be detected and dismissed from Community College.

Not that I’m without my vices: I worship at the altar of red wine, but that church meets 365 days a year. They also serve that in ACTUAL CHURCH.




2 thoughts on “4/20 Means Nothing To Me

  1. Ha! For YEARS all the decorative clocks in my house kept getting set to 4:20, because I had 3 teenagers and all their friends there all the time. I saw a table of nuns drinking wine at a restaurant recently, which kind of blew me away. I wanted to take pics of them, but figured that would be really uncool 🙂 But, if nuns can do it..God blesses it.


  2. I used to smoke everyday but…. I still do not get the 420 thing not to sound stupid but why 420??? I’m glad you don’t do it!!!


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